Plenti® wins top Small Business Award

Plenti®Protein was the winner of the Small Business Innovation top 100: Most versatile meat replacement product and also most innovative.

The jury assessed the nominations on the basis of originality, impact, degree of protection, availability and turnover potential. Ojah was personally congratulated by outgoing Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Maxime Verhagen. All 100 nominees have introduced successful innovations in the area of product, service, process or organisation. By realizing these innovations, the entrepreneurs have increased turnover, guaranteed their future or improved existing products. The ranking was compiled by Syntens Innovation Centre, NL Patent Office, Mercedes Benz and national newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

Plenti® is gluten-free, contains no salt or thickening agents and is 100% vegetable-based. In terms of the relevant sustainability criteria, Plenti® scores three to ten times higher than veggie-burgers and chicken (Dutch). Despite only containing vegetable flour and water, the product can be divided, shaped, marinated, prepared and presented in the same way as these products. The versatility and adaptability of this alternative to meat has inspired the catering industry and consumers with enthusiasm. In the opinion of the jury, Ojah’s meat replacement can easily compete with real meat in terms of taste. Even experts cannot always tell the difference. Plenti® has proved that sustainability in the food chain and excellent taste sensations can go together.

Food & Biobased Research, together with TOP b.v., played a part in developing Plenti® by providing Ojah with knowledge, technical validation of the ‘fiberisation process’ and product testing during the test phase. The research was part of a larger program being conducted within Food & Biobased Research, which revolves around developing tasty and sustainable alternatives to meat.

Plenti® was alos nominated for the Food Valley Award, check out this video for the nomination Food Valley Award

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